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 Patch 1.8

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PostSubject: Patch 1.8    Fri May 17, 2013 10:05 pm

- Added spells and styles for the Sword Dancer. And can be played now. Report bugs and broken/OP stuff i have missed.
- Changed Swashbuckler Pillage and Plunder to a Str/Con Debuff.
- Dragon Slayer Chambers have a 15 sec reuse timer.
- Dragon slayer Primary Spells now take 60 sec to cast outside chamber loading.
- Lowered Sword Dancer HP next Restart.
- Lowered Slayer Wild Blow damage abit.
- Lowered Jugg Hp a tiny bit next restart.
- Lowered Slayer Combat Speed Buff
- Lowered Self Abs and resist buff on Sword Dancer
- Raised the swift Vindicator nuke abit.
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Patch 1.8
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