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 Patch 0.1

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PostSubject: Patch 0.1    Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:59 am

PvP Treasure Chest Event.
- It spawns every hour.
- The first person to get to it and click it gets it if they are near the chest when lootbar is full.
- Even a lowbie can claim it for themselves if they are sneaky.

- Adding a classic stat cap again.
- Changed some hp and ws on various classes.
- Added basic RA's to the new classes.
- Shortened the Safety radius near main camp.
- Lowered Vindicator/Engineer/MM/DK stun to 4 sec.
- Also changed the rising pulsing spell on DK to a regular damage spell.

- Will be testing a Treasure chest system to see if it will work. (Report any bugs. Like chests not despawning after loot etc. Exploiters will be banned)
- - Every hour a PvP Treasure chest will spawn in Cotswold announcing it. This chest can be looted for the chance of a nice reward. This chest may also drop Legendary items.
- - -This pvp chest will have a 2 min loot timer. And if you are attacked wile looting you wont get the loot untill you reloot.
- - Also there will be treasure chests scattered around camelot hills with lesser loot in them.

If the loot does not give you anything. You might have been attacked or the chest might have bugged. Tough luck.
Since this chest system can be very exploitable if it goes wrong. I might take the server down on very short notice and disable it.
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Patch 0.1
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