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 Sunday Morning Changes

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PostSubject: Sunday Morning Changes   Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:01 am

- Added Gold Nugget Merchants in galpen.
- Added Silver Nugget Merchants in Mularn.
- Raised the frequency of chests and crystals in all zones.
- Added a Grenloc Sound porter in Galpen. (Quests might not work or be broken)
- Summoner/Revenant/Battle Priest classes added to the game.
- Added a Housing teleporter to Galpen.
- Added Market Explorers to Ft. Atla/Mularn/Galpen.
- Lowered the price on Consigment Merchant/Porch/Tier1 House.
- Added a server guide. WiP

Some of these changes need a restart to function properly.
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Sunday Morning Changes
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