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 Server temporary open.

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PostSubject: Server temporary open.   Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:10 pm

I decided to open the server and let people who wanna play do so. Its not complete in any way so play at your own risk

Server Features
- PvP
- Leveling
- Enhanced RA's
- No Buffbots (Characters are stronger than normal and classes will have some buffs to share)
- Chest/Crystals
- Dungeons and Midgard open world.
- WiP. Quest based crafting system.
- Removed most old tokens/currency and added some new ones.
- Trying to make new currency usable for more than one thing to keep them fresh at any level.
- Reset npc that will take you to level 5 and able to choose a different class. (Keeping items and rp)

Wonky stuff list.
- Missing some planned quests in second dungeon.
- Random lag. Let me know if there is random lag like multiple times wile playing.

- Items might be scarce.
- Spells/Skills/Styles might have strange combinations.
- Quests might be wierd. Im reusing some old ones.

- Stuff might change.
- Items might get wiped.
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Server temporary open.
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