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PostSubject: QUEST GUIDE SPOILER ALERT!!!! Unknown Soldier   Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:58 pm

Unknown Soldier Quest Guide

The Unknown Soldier quest is rather easy quest once you understand where to go. So to start with you can capture this quest from a lonely lost soul who doesn't even know his name. We call him the "unknown Soldier". No one is quite sure what happened to the poor guy. We only know as much as he has told us. Which is that he was in a cursed place that was dark and had stale air. So the mystery behind this quest is where is this cursed place? Well to start with its not in Thidranki its actually in a place called Cursed Tomb. So here what you gotta do.

1. Get the quest from Unknown Soldier
2. Talk to the Dungeon Teleporter (Lonei)
3. Click on Cursed Tomb
4. Find Loika or Troika
5. Once you find them do /search
6. This will take around 24 seconds to do so be sure to be free of aggro
7.You will find a scroll. Take this back to the Unknown Soldier
8. After turning that in you get 1000 RPs, 400 additional BPs, 100 BPs, 250 Gold

Unknown Soldier Quest Part 2

So after he reads the scroll you found for him. It jogs a little of his memory and he remembers seeing a women. This women could be a very valuable source to finding out who this man is. But where can we find this women? We at least know that she is in a dungeon in Hibernia some where. This certain dungeon is called Coruscating Mine. You can also get here by using the Dungeon Teleport. Once you get there you have to search the mine for an Unidentified Corpse. So sadly we all know what became of this women. Once you find her she will be carrying a ring on her. This ring is a very important clue to the mystery. So after finding the ring you decide to dig a little deeper into why this women died and who the soldier is. As your running through the cave you stumble across 2 shadey looking characters. They are known as Bandits so be careful of them. After you defeat these two thugs you found out that there is a ghost in the cave. She is known as the Ghost of Kirsten Seaker. You must find her and speak with this ghost. After speaking with her you have discovered that the ghost is the ghost of the corpse you found earlier in the cave. You have also discovered that this mysterious women is actually the Fiance of the Unknown Soldier and the ring you found is a Family Heirloom that was passed down from his mother. Im sure he will be relieved that you found this. And alas! we have finally discovered this young mans name. He is known as Rick Watson. We must hurry back to him and tell him what we found. So recap on what you have to do.

1. Get the second quest from the Unknown Soldier
2. Talk to the Dungeon Teleporter and go to Coruscating Mine
3. Find the Unidentified Corpse
4. Right click corpse to gather the ring
5. Find and kill two bandits
6. Find the Ghost of Kirsten Seaker
7. Talk to the Ghost and Click Belong
After doing this you get a 2000 RP's, 300 BP's, 100 gold,
8. Go back to Rick and Complete the Quest
Reward : get 6000 additional RP's, 1000 RP's, 400 Additional BP's, 100 BP's,

Unknown Soldier Quest Part 3

Now that we have discovered that this young man goes by Rick Watson and that him and his fiance were ambushed in the cave and she was murdered and the poor man left no memory, no fiance, and nothing to his name. but now thanks to you He has been able to regain part of his life back and make sense of what has happened. It will be a long and hard road for Rick. But thanks to you he is now able to move on and start living life again. He has 1 last request for you, and that is to take the message of his fiances death to their hometown. He has given you a device to teleport there. Go quickly as we must let them know of the terrible mystery we just unraveled. It's about to be a dark and saddening day in the lovely and peaceful town of Arcton. Once you arrive here you must find her father. Her father is the king of Arcton. So he will probably be in the castle somewhere. So here's a recap on what to do.

1.Talk to the Grenlock's teleporter and teleport there
2. Find Rick Watson and speak to him
3. He will give you a device that will open a portal to Arcton
4. Right click on the portal and travel to Arcton
5. Find Molostroi Seaker Kristen father and tell him of the bad new
6 Complete the Unknown Soldier Quest
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