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 Patch 8.3

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PostSubject: Patch 8.3    Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:46 pm

- Cleaned up in the Starting Keeps. Removed all trainers and added one that can train all. Besides this nothing was removed. Just moved.

- Added a experimental PvP Zone. ( Let me know if theres anything buggy or wierd)
-- There is two areas in the zone that can be claimed.
-- To claim you need to be grouped.
-- The lord in the PvP zone is easier than regular lords.
-- There is a few hidden objects and secrets in this place.
-- There is a two player group cap.
-- There is no Puppet Masters allowed since they are kinda cheap. I might add other classes later.
-- No players below 50 allowed.
-- You can fight your own guild.
-- Other stuff might be added later.

-  Tweaked some of the Hunter spells abit.

- Im working on making hybrid server rules. To allow having a pvp zone. This is causing some strange things. But for now unless its gamebreaking were gonna have to live with it.
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Patch 8.3
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