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 Patch 8.0

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PostSubject: Patch 8.0    Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:13 pm

- Report bugs please.

- Rick Watson will have a new quest in Grenlock sound.

- My girlfriend made a small zone and i promised her i would put it ingame. She calls it Arcton. Its a elven town with a couple of quests she made. It is tied into the Rick Watson quest line and some other quests later on.

- 2 New classes has been added. Hunter and Paladin. The classes can only be made by going to the low level zone and becoming the class there. Use the teleporter next to the instant 50 npc.

- Hunter is a melee pet class. (Tweaking can happen)
- Paladin is a 2handed melee. Play like classic paladin without shield. (Tweaking can happen)

- Following the quest chain starting in the low level city will get you to 50.

- Leveling through the new quests will give a chance for unique rewards you cant get if you Instant 50. The quests are level specific so be carefull not to miss one.  (Mostly Cosmetic stuff like mounts etc.)

- When you have completed the chain and have become 50 you will get a quest that will earn you the Inferno Set from 7 Sins.

-Juggernaut taunt spells is alot more effective now than before.
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Patch 8.0
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