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 Patch 7.4

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PostSubject: Patch 7.4    Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:13 am

- New command /thid can show you who owns the center keep.

- Added a Master Hunter to the housing market who sell unidentified trophys.

- Added a NPC to the housing market who identify trophys. (These are for decorating your house)

- Added a Glob of Ectoplasm npc to the starting areas.

- Removed all Glob of Ectoplasm from players.

- Glob of Ectoplasm drop less now but is worth more.

- Added a new teleporter to the starting area. This Crazy Mage can teleport you to challenging boss fights with great rewards if defeated. These can be very challenging if not good geared or bringing friends.
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Patch 7.4
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