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 Awesome server, some feedback...

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PostSubject: Awesome server, some feedback...    Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:54 pm

I love original/creative servers like this one. The content is great, always stuff to explore and do. I hope you keep moving forward with it, some feedback and only because I love what you've done and want it to keep on being great

- I think PvP should be secondary; with such great content the PvE aspect is actually fun unlike other servers. I'd be fine with just a PvP zone for example.

- the classes just need a quick review on some of them. I know this is probably a huge bitch, but it seems to me it's more about simple things like the Barbarian has only left axe styles but it's hard to find left axe weapons for main hand. Some buffs have a value of only 1, which I don't get too.

- Recycle the old starting currency & items. What I mean is, after I got some good toons going I no longer had any use for the pulsing blood items or coins of hades etc. I wish there were other things you could either convert them into or buy with them that are still worth it in end game.

- Add more RP options. With low population, would be cool to have some high lvl bosses give rp/bp rewards.

- The Apocalypse Armor bosses in the 7 Sins zone should probably drop 2 items not just 1.

- last, a few items I have no idea what to do with. Red Glowing Crystal, A Rock, Old Runic Roaming Gem. Would just like to know what these do or where they go.

Thanks a ton!
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Awesome server, some feedback...
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