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 pvp Zone addition

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PostSubject: pvp Zone addition   Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:07 pm

possible addition of a PvP zone?
server is dead..everybody farming.. no one pvp'ing..I don't understand the need to create small man groups and then simply farm...
had u considered the server would close eventually? you will have farmed for nothing..

creating a pvp zone would at least standardise an area for duelling or small groups to attract possible pvpers, rather than farming spots with bots being the only place with any populace (except afkers in main camp)
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PostSubject: Re: pvp Zone addition   Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:03 am

Server is not permanently up as we are aware of. The goal as of right now of the server for those of us (like me) that wants to see this server improved in both pve/pvp are trying to help the admin out with finding bugs and giving new idea's to make the server more fun. I would love to become a gm and possibly just help create new mobs in new zones, make new loot, help build on a zone for pvp like the old new frontiers with a possibility of making the x and x relics to where they are owned by mobs and you will need to kill a mob at those relic keeps in order to open up a portal at x location located somewhere near x keep to another area that has special mobs that gives out rp's and bp's (which it would not be a high rate so people don't get rr's to fast but at a decent pace.) These are just a few idea's of what I would try to do if I was to ever become a GM on this server.
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pvp Zone addition
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