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 Status of the server!!

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PostSubject: Status of the server!!   Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:51 pm

The Antebellum source has always been a very old one.

Right now i am migrating everything over to the newest dol core and there is so many changes needed to actually make the server run kinda like before. Scripts need to be changed to work, all the custom changes to the classes needs to be redone, the database needs to be moved around and some other things.

So i cant really just turn it on in its current state sadly.

Another kinda annoying thing is the last db i had running had some new things added and some fixes and i have somehow not taken a backup of it so those changes are gone.

When i get close i will make an update.

PS. Not saying i will open the server up to the public. Just saying that if i decide to open it. It will be a wile.
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PostSubject: Re: Status of the server!!   Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:20 pm

Let us know when the server is up. I've been dieing to play on antebellum again. I love this server and if you need a gm with helping adding more mobs/loot let me know. I'll just have to remember how to make the loot/mobs again since it's been a lil over a year since I last did it.
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Status of the server!!
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