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 When will server come back?

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PostSubject: When will server come back?   Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:08 pm

I was wondering when is the next time the server will be back up and are you gonna do another char wipe? I really hope you don't do another char wipe for the 5th time. Each time I've played on this server I've spent many of hours gearing my chars and getting stocked up on nice items to only have everything go poof all because you do a char wipe and when server is reopened nothing new is added. I think a lot of us would like it if you don't do a char wipe this time please. Maybe next time when server is up I'll apply to try to become a gm since I've been playing your server each time it has been up. I would love to be able to help create new zones etc since I know how to create loot,mobs and do some basic stuff.
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When will server come back?
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