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 Inconsistency and targeting...

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PostSubject: Inconsistency and targeting...    Sat May 25, 2013 7:11 am

Regarding Influenza aka Manikk as a gm. It is blatantly clear that this guy has had it out for me since the previous antebellum server. The evidence of that is in the previous forum chats. The unfortunate thing is that he/she keeps being given the authority to obsessively mediate the rules of the server.

Which I am sure under another more qualified GM replacement would be fine. BUT regarding this persons skills to successfully monitor the rules set in place by the admin. I would have to compare his GM'ing to to the Nazi's ruling Germany.

There is a fine line between regulating rules and obsessing over them . This person being GM is the equivalent of infecting a person with aids. It is bad for them and anyone within their range.

I am sure Influenza could try and answer to my objections but I am sure he will simply hide behind his unfortunate GM status and block this post...
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Inconsistency and targeting...
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