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 Newbie Starting Guide

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PostSubject: Newbie Starting Guide   Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:18 pm

I decided to put togheter a mini guide for new players. Hope its usefull.

1 - Picking the race/class. - Any race/class combination when creating your char can become anything.

2 - Choosing your class ingame. - I will refere to this post Custom Classes to give you a clue to what you want to play. But a good tip if you are new is to pick someting that is good for farming.

3 - Leveling up. Theres the old fashion way by grinding mobs etc. Or you can do the quests avalible. It starts in the Main camp and you can follow it through various dungeons. TIP for leveling. If you collect 250 bp from crystal extraction. You can gamble for a proc that you can use on your low level weapon. This will make the leveling alot faster if you gain a high damage proc. The level requirement follows the level of the weapon.

4 - Getting phat lootz. - Theres a few ways to gain items. Theres killing mobs and using the gear that drops. Then theres collecting various tokens from monsters like skulls and soul shards etc. But another really good way to get gear if you are stuck is to run around in camelot hills and collect Treasure Chests. These chests can drop artifacts and require no killing of mobs.

5 - Getting RP/BP
- Now you wanna get some RP/BP. One way is ofcourse to kill players you encounter. Another way is to run around camelot hills and extract crystal nodes. These give rp and bp depending on level.

6 - Getting even more phat lootz - There are some things you want to get your hands on that can be abit hard. Pulsing Blood Stones for example drop of mobs in the creature camp at a really low chance. They also drop with 100% chance off Halaku in Camelot Hills and Persephone and Hades in DF. These 3 bosses also has a chance at dropping a Legendary Orb wich can be used to get the best weapon ingame. But the bosses are not something you can manage solo. Theres also other bosses around camelot hills that can drop pulsing blood stones.

7 - Champion Levels - Its very important to start your champion levels to get to level 10. it will give you a few abilities and a nice chunk of HP.

8 - Resistance - Resist is a very important thing here. Most classes have some kind of spell damage wich can kill you really fast if you slack on the resists.
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Newbie Starting Guide
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