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 Reanimator Class

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PostSubject: Reanimator Class   Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:23 am

The pet damage is still very low. Additionally, with many pets spammed on a single target it causes buff and armor procs to go off. I know from a Reanimator and Melee class standpoint it seems to literally aid the opponent of the reanimator. Alch procs and armor procs result in the pets causing overall healing rather than damage to the target and also proc buffs for them. I think the idea of a Reanimator and the whole spell line is awesome and a unique addition to the server. They just need to do more damage, Also with the "close quarters" combat in cots and many obstacles to hide behind and result in loss of line of sight it is Very difficult for casters in general (Not including the ember mage, they seem to do exceptionally well), especially those who cant move and cast at the same time. Reanimators cant get that many pets off as it is - Just another reason for an increase in the Skeleton damage output. Just a suggestion on a fun class i felt that needs to be brought up to parr a bit in order to become viable - Thanks!
One more point, Sprint can outrun the pets - Theurg pets increased in speed as specced higher into those spell lines making them great interrupters. Reanimators cant do this b/c their pets move at non-sprint run speed so they are easily countered. Just something else to think about
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Reanimator Class
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