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 Healing Classes

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PostSubject: Healing Classes   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:05 am

Most classes here on Antebellum are far more OP than any live or classic class, which is cool and exciting to play with - In many ways Healers are not though. They do not recieve any here CC (Live does have CC on heal classes) No Debuffs castable in combot and only 1 insta (Live gets roots, debuffs, 2 instas- also this insta heals for ALOT less than live/classic instas). The main thing that seperates Alchs from other classes is the buffs - EVERYONE runs buffbots so it makes that aspect of the Alch useless in a sense.. Also the houses are all blocked off so the healers cant hide heal, That is part of the game. RvR in live / classic people hide behind trees, in towers, etc and heal.
- ANY spell castable in combat like other classes
- Some form of CC or snare? Atleast a debuff like haste or something of the sort (healing classes on live recieve this)
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Healing Classes
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