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 Patch 0.5

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PostSubject: Patch 0.5    Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:42 am

- Reaper Class have gotten Spells at 40+

- Updated Cunstom Class info with alittle info on the newest classes.

- Working on making most instant cast spells a 1 sec cast time spell with uninteruptable cast and casting on the move.

- All Buffs from the Survival/Ability line does not cost any power anymore to make sure all classes can cast them.

- Added some of the cots merchants to the Main Camp.
- Teleporters in cots moved further towards the tavern.
- Cleaned up some useless npcs in cots.

- Readjusted damag spells on Chaos Mage

- Witch Hunter
-- Silence Infidel has been put on a 15 sec recast time. Up from 6 sec.

- Juggernaut
-- Removed armor factor debuff on juggernaut.
-- Added Magic Resistance buff.

- Alchemist
-- Adjusted Heal Spells to be in line with other classes.
-- Adjusted Power Costs on spells to be in line with other classes. (Will have to do some more testing at some point)
-- Added a 1 sec cast time on Aqua Regia and made it uninteruptable and castable wile moving.

- Witch Doctor
-- Totems have had their damage increased.
-- Aoe Dot have had its damage increased alittle.
-- Totems have no recast time anymore.

- Dream Weaver
-- Lifedrain spells have had their damage increased abit.

- Shade
-- Lowered the heal over time value on Transcendance.
-- Removed Shade form on Transcendance. Seems to bug sometimes leaving the player in shade form.
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Patch 0.5
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