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 State of the Server

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PostSubject: State of the Server   Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:15 pm

So what is playable and whats not.


- Playable classes - Witch Doctor, Ember Mage, Reaper, Shade, Slayer, Forrest Walker, Light Bringer and Reanimator.

- Not so playable classes- Dream Walker and Chaos Mage


- Thidranki is claimable atm and gives a nice health increase buff if you speak to the Lord.

- Queen's Labyrinth is a new dungeon to venture into. Mobs in here drops the 2 weakest skulls, wile the bosses drop the tier 3 skulls.

- Gear and procs has been toned down to fit the level 25 cap.

- Tier 1-2-3 Skull npcs has been added to thidranki portal keeps.

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State of the Server
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