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 Open Alpha

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PostSubject: Open Alpha   Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:02 pm

People can create an account now if they want and try it out.

Server will probably go up and down. And is not permanent at all. So dont expect anything

Also there is hardly any features atm so dont expect much.

Max Level is now level 25.

- Instant level 5 when creating a char. Teleport to Thidranki to train one of the custom classes.

XP Rates - 1x
RP Rates - 5x
BP Rates - 2x

Features -

XP tables have been modified to require less xp pr level.

Most spells do no longer require multiple tiers. They gain power as the character levels.

Atm theres is only level 1-5 playable. The novice class is a basic class everyone starts as.

!!WIP!! After level 5 you can choose between. Slayer, Reaper, Shade, Forrest Walker, Dream Walker, Ember Mage, Reanimator, Witch Doctor, Light Bringer and Chaos Mage. Spells/Skills/Styles = Work In Progress

Shards/Tokens from the previous servers are still avalible.

To Do List -

- Change monster levels
- Complete xp table
- Create Items for higher levels
- Custom Quests
- Add spells to 1st tier class and 2nd tier class.
- Tweak code formulas Damage/Buffs/Etc.
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Open Alpha
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