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 things that could have been avoided.

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PostSubject: things that could have been avoided.   Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:25 pm

First, let me say considering the programming difficulties, having no support, and being innovative you did a hell of a job.

I've been on free shards for a while, and when it comes to classic classes there is very little room for error. Everyone wants to play something new because, most people like me, have been playing daoc for the last decade. So when creating a new class it should be tested thoroughly before being released. YES- people come here and want new and shiny things. But when they get it and do well and then it gets taken away what outcome do you expect?
NEXT TIME, and I'm sure there will be, because I've played and enjoyed your previous servers, just ask for help for testing and implementation. If you test and hone in on what is acceptable for the game then this wont happen.
Alternatively, if you make objects and RR transferable (which I don't necessarily agree with), it will bypass the shortcomings of the custom class until you get them fixed.

That's all I got,

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things that could have been avoided.
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