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 Expansion of the gear

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PostSubject: Expansion of the gear   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:01 am

i can really only speak on the behalf of WHs since im really not familar with other classes and anyone whos tryed to template a WH should know where im coming from there is a lack of quickness items and to get those items it hurts your archery toa bonuses since Quickness is a main stat for WHs. This being said my template consists of 5 pieces of pulsing blood armor chest, arms , legs , helm , feet and toa arit gloves for archery bonues my consists of nearly all thid armor with SoM and cermonial bracers for quickness i cap my quick 101 dex 101 con after i get new cloak ill hurt my quickness. Its a pick and choose when its been far easier to temp my juggy ect.

PS. it wouldnt hurt anyone but i think WHs should get longwind so we could keep up in groups with the given end potions.
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Expansion of the gear
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