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 Water Potions FFS make them CHEAP AND ABUNDANT

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PostSubject: Water Potions FFS make them CHEAP AND ABUNDANT   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:41 pm

This is simply based on my own annoyance, and I expect it to be completely at odds with Fuuins intended implementation. While Admin can tell me to stfu and make my own awesome server with my awesome ideas, I'd like you to consider this post from my perspective then either agree, disagree, or flame while doing neither.

I hate the water in Thid. It is slow. I cant swim for long or I drown. I cant get caught in it unstealthed or I am owned at range by everyone. The potions (1) dont work (like the ones I bought) or/and (2) cost to GD much. I mean, really, I am still trying to get my gear, but these pots cost 100 of something i need to farm in addition. Total pain in my ass.

Please make them avaialbe at the pot vendor, and PLEASE PLEASE consider lowering the cost of all pots. Even 25 gold is alot when you need in excess of 35 PLAT to not get decimated in rvr/pvp/exp/duels etc ad nauseum.

RvR will be more fun. Can we at least experiment with this concept for a few day to see how waterbreathing potion affect the server? Have those of you who have killed your 1,000,000 lizards not experienced a migrane mucking around in this?

Uthgard takes great pains to sloooooow things down, where speed classes and strategy alone with inherent abilities are fostered to the point where they have little or no realm speed or horse routes. They just slow shit down there, and after a while going slow and having your balls hanging out of your pants in the face of adversity simply sucks.
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PostSubject: Re: Water Potions FFS make them CHEAP AND ABUNDANT   Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:07 am

I agree that 100 per potion is a lot. Hell i bought a presence node once figured for that price it would have to be more than one charge... I was wrong.
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Water Potions FFS make them CHEAP AND ABUNDANT
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