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 Dungeon Marauder Bounty

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PostSubject: Dungeon Marauder Bounty   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:28 pm

Perhaps Saga is a better example, but you can use me just the same:

Consider yourself exping in xxx dungeon and getting repeatedly killed by the same person or persons. Its makes you mad, but since you are a powerless exper nooby, you have no recourse other than spite in /b. You can also rage quit, or quit the server entirely, which eventually happens. This is bad for everyone, even if you are the last bully standing, since you are left with no one to kick around any more until you find a new server to level up on and become a significant douche at.

Now, envision a system where you can set a portion of loot up as a reward to whoever is killing you. When a certain level of $$ or number of enraged expers adds bounty, the location of your tormentor is revealed so that the entire server knows what dungeon you are in.

I feel that rvr is frequently stagnant, but replete with lowby killers like Saga and myself. Frequently, 40 or 50 people are online, but no one can be found anywhere. This leads to a similar effect to chasing off lowbies and prospective new players; no one likes to piss around on a server with zero action. Marauder Bounty would encourage more action AND also increase low level player happiness while punishing evil bullies.

To answer the unasked question of "what's in it for the Marauding Bullies?," -nothing beyond the satisfaction of evading your (okay, my) execution via the angry mob chasing you plus the age old benefit of simply enraging weaker players before they mature into level 50s and taking their trash rps.

Be invited to consider any rewards like titles, cash, stones, hades coins, gift cards, wtfever you think is cool. I think giving bounty hunters executioner hats and titles for the bullies they kill would be neat, but more eurocentric players might prefer beanies or wooden shoes. The real benefit is in fostering a more secure system to level and a little vengeance for the victims, which keeps them playing here and feeds them into big person rvr, bounty hunting, or marauding. Here everyone gets to participate instead of the biggest villians and douchiest players.

~Buddy Cardew
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Dungeon Marauder Bounty
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