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PostSubject: Tournements   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:08 pm

Please consider offering 1v1 tournements and giving rewards to the winners. Fights by class, then the winners of each class can fight for an additional trophy. Give titles, exp, rps, gold, whatever. Eden hosted these a lot and I attended and won them initially out of greed but later simply to kill people I didnt like in front of a large audience. These are so easy to organize once the general template is completed that even Vinictus can operate the events with relatively little screwups. The main caveat is to monitor the logs to see how the $$ is distributed to ensure no monkey business occurs.

Think of how many of you would like to kill me in front of everyone AND get some $$ and a little title bling.

As an additional note, something extremely clever that Eve did with these on Eden was to create betting on the fights, where you could wager coin on people and even the players who did not attend could make bets. The fighters each received a part of all of the bets, then the rest was splint among the gamblers. Eden had a very sophisticated gambling system here, in part beause I think Eve had a gambling problem, but even a very basic system would be both fun and profitable.

For as many of you who would step up to try to murder me, I think ten times the number would be equally delighted to bet against me without risking Death by Carde.
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