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 Vindi's Insta dead before Stun Duration

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PostSubject: Vindi's Insta dead before Stun Duration   Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:34 pm

So... Me, like many have been getting wrecked by Vindi's ALL day long lol, Within 4-5 seconds your dead... if not you turn around take one step and Beddy Bye... Im a SS with 3000HP, always using IP 2 as soon as im able to move and still na-night... So hes tearing up 4500 HP within 4-5 seconds flat... even when im in Resist Form.... If you get stunned you're dead lol... also have many other people/classes saying the same... I mean i dont have a Vindi nor played one but this is a little crazy, some sort of tweaking nerfing or something of some sort needs to be done... Considering everything else is getting tweaked and nerfed....

Crazy damages....

Just sayin...
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PostSubject: Re: Vindi's Insta dead before Stun Duration   Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:35 pm

I can guarantee any hib caster class would do the same but better... The dmg on a vindicator is very low... I cannot kill red mobs very well at all because of resists and low damage from spells..

imo he needs to change the spellines to an existing spelline from eldritch and keep same spells so we can get some +'s to magic skills otherwise dmg will always be subpar...

Our nuke is 100base damage, the stun/dot does inconsistent damage and if it did consistant damage it would be understandable to have a 100base dmg nuke, seeings this nuke is interruptable.

Low cast speeds like 2sec is irrelevant because most casters can cap casting speed easy with 3.0 speed nukes and slower, but with nerfed dexterity I would hate seeing the originally intended races trying to cast the 5 second area bolt as an offensive barrage. Even on my luri with augdex3 101/101dex and 10% casting speed it takes my bolt 3 seconds to cast :\.

Also, even though the damage on the uninterruptable melee nuke is 85 base dmg it does about 100 less damage than the 100base dmg nuke.

If your character had resists to the damage a vindicator does then maybe you would see that their spell damage is not all that great. Not to mention Buffing classes resist buffs.

I feel this class is not finished but that is understandable with all the admin is trying to accomplish at once..
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Vindi's Insta dead before Stun Duration
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