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 Shapeshifter Realm ability RR5

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PostSubject: Shapeshifter Realm ability RR5   Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:06 pm

vindicator have a rr5 like divine intervention, the trickster is invulnerable (i think have the same ra of the vindicator), i don't know the others realm abilities at rr5, but the ra of the shapeshifter is poor.....

"Soul quench" a high dmg pbaoe based on soulrending, but on the shapeshifter make...........90! 90 dmg every 10 min? lol my aoe style proc make the same dmg (35 dmg is written, and 80 is the final dmg) and i can use every hit....... fix the dmg or change the ra.
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Shapeshifter Realm ability RR5
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