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PostSubject: Shapeshifter   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:00 pm

i think that the shapeshifter is underpowered, spec 22 or 43 hammer make the same dmg , from 40/50 to 0........yes 0 dmg with style melee dmg (and low grow rate styles) on a lot of classes, from infis to heavy tanks etc, the shapeshifter is a melee class, ok it have proc dmg but if have 50 or 0 dmg with styles it make like 170/200 dmg not every time (all other melees make from 300 to 500+ with an high speed).
The shapeshifter have good chants but they are not for buffs for realm mates, no heal (the only good heal is the group heal, the others are too low or too slow), no group chants only self...please make the shapeshifter more useful and more melee (like it says in the list of classes)...

ps. i know that is not the right section of the forum but: i think that the lifedrain in the wolf spec don't drain life, i will make some tests but i think is bugged.
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