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 Ingame Rules

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PostSubject: Ingame Rules   Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:00 pm

Since people cant seem to chat and act like normal people ingame. I need to set some rules.

!!! Pm Admin on the forum with any screenshots of people not following the rules !!!

- Any form of exploiting/cheating/hacking depending on severity will be banned if caught.

- English only in Broadcast.

- Keep any chat clean of  racism, irl attacks etc. Mutes and Bans will be issued if not followed (Harmless taunting and bickering is still allowed to an extent)

- Any ingame names with cuss words or racism etc will be changed if seen ingame. Trying to cover up these names with clever wordplay will also be seen as a violation. Bans may be issued if player keep making bad names. (You wont have a say in the renaming)
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Ingame Rules
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