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 My point of view for Antebellum

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Engineer changements
i'm agree for some changements on engineer
 75% [ 3 ]
i'm desagree with that topic
 25% [ 1 ]
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PostSubject: My point of view for Antebellum   Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:09 pm

Hi so that post is to talk about custom classes runing on that server i'll add some test do against those classes just to put some numbers into the QQing we can read on broad So first Target is The Engineer classes : Some test done with a lvl 50 engineer with full decap dext stats :

-Fire bombs aoe DD test on char with 26% resist

around 390 damages

-Stun aoe duration spell 5s ininteruptible cast

-Cold aoe DD test on char with 26% resist

around 360 damages

-Anihilation bomb test on char with 26% resist

around 510 damages

-Ultra Senti hits with energy dds

for 300 to 310 test on char with 29% resist , often criticals seems pets is considering like a mob

First seems the aoe damage are really to much op (i know u'll talking about the recast time cause they're not instant) But considering the fact that engineer got an aoe stun with ininteruptible cast who give him 5s to let them repop look how that could be op i mean u can down a DI2 runing in 4 or 5 casts so i think :

-First u can go down the aoe damage smt like 10 to 20% for the anihilation bomb
-20% decrease damage for the senti and (i think that is hard to do) but look into the code that for the senti was not considering like a mob but like a pet i mean u've to spec wield minion to got it critical
-Maybe put the aoe stun ruptable and implement a quick cast into engineer for it (if u choose the QC plz go down the value of the self heal Engineers got give back smt like 80% of hp at lvl 50 )

ps: That topic is not for QQ or for smt like that just talking about changement can be down for the server steel alive the longest time possible so plz don't flood or flame here just serious proposition

@Admin if any problem with that post just delete it , i would like to said too thx for the jobs u've already done here
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My point of view for Antebellum
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