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 Marksman Bugs

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PostSubject: Marksman Bugs   Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:06 pm

I just tested some skilling and some of the spells of the marksman and noticed this bugs:
  • The RR doesn't gives + 1 on the skill lines, nor does the "fools bow" arti gives bonus to archery skills.
    (so is the marksman a bow class or a caster class? dmg is soley based on dex and acuty buffs raise dex)

  • Bow Combat line:
    1. Petrify Shot: Says has a 3sec cast timer and and 15sec recast timer. Recast timer doesnt exist and isn't rupted by an attack.
      Stun lasts 4sec -> endless stun spam with minimal dmg.

  • Sniper Training line:
    1. Aimed Shot and Massacre are rupted by attacker/dmg. Railgun, Pulverize, Omnishot, Shadowfire and unholy Feeback are not rupped. All of them have recast timer so there is no chance of spaming them.
    2. Massacre and Spiral Twist dont give a msg why or that they are rupped/stopped(out of range/sight). the animation just stops.

  • Field upport line:
    1. Highten Moral as a duration of 12min20sec, discription says 10min.

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PostSubject: Re: Marksman Bugs   Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:40 pm

thanks for the report. Il look into these issues.

- Petrify shot is supposed to be uninteruptable.
- The duration saying 10 min and show 12+ min seem like a buff duration stat thing but its set to 10 min in the db so cant think of any other way it would be more.
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Marksman Bugs
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