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 Juggernaut (Mjrdrous Edition)

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PostSubject: Juggernaut (Mjrdrous Edition)   Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:41 am

From what I can tell so far on the Juggernaut, the premise of this class is to be as incredibly beefy (tanky) as possible, and due to the large amount of procs on the styles this class has, it has a lot of low growth rates.

Out of everything the Juggernaut has, the only thing that it appears to be missing in comparison to the Warrior (the most similar class), is Slam, 2h Capabilities, a large RA selection (One of which is IP, which is on a shorter RUT than the 50 Spec Heal that the Juggernaut has).

The benefits the Juggernaut has over the Warrior is simply, ABS Buff, HoT, high evasion, and Charge.

The problem I see with having Charge as an option for the Juggernaut is due to the complete lack of utility it has (no stun, no snare, no cc). It doesn't debuff, it's a poor interrupt in group scale combat (the only thing that provides a constant interrupt is a CC'able pet), and has such a low damage output that it's kind of pointless to even field this class in an RvR situation.

Provide the Juggernaut with similar RAs to that of the Warrior, or provide it high-utility active RAs such as Ichor of the Deep, Bedazzling Aura of Defense, Anger of the Gods, Ameliorating Melodies, etc. Also, provide it with similar passive RAs as the warrior, Mastery of Parry, Long Wind, etc. (And Remove Charge.)

The Growth Rates on the Juggernaut styles are predominately 0.1, while I do agree that something this tanky should not be capable of blowing things up in 3 swings, even a slight increase would make the damage output of the Juggernaut more desirable in RvR. (Maybe 0.4-0.7?)

Provide Juggernauts a more dependable any-time stun such as Slam, or a back positional snare style in the One Handed line. After all, this character knows how to take a hit, and due to such should know how to give one, too.

Now, I don't expect to see ALL of these changes performed on the Juggernaut, but it would be greatly appreciated by many Juggernaut players if even a couple of these changes were made.

Thank you for your time.
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Juggernaut (Mjrdrous Edition)
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