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 vindicator so far

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PostSubject: vindicator so far   Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:00 pm

no quickcast
no weapon skills
no dmg add working (now working)
20sec timer on void spell (also with extreme cast time why a cooldown?) but aoe spell 3 sec
no insta cast debuffs (makes 50% of spells useless in fast battles)
dot on stun is not ticking

self heal is nice and not too easy to recast in a single battle
evade is a nice touch
I like the endo buff personally but no skills to use endo should replace with power buff or a castable heal of some sort
damage seems on par with other casters but with really poor anything else. not a buffer and 3rd or 4th pick for dps and no utility at all I would take a spec caster over this all day. I know its not to be overpowered but if your gonna make a mentalist type jack of all strades stealth caster give them some trades brotha.
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vindicator so far
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