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  Server Patch 18-08-2018

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PostSubject: Server Patch 18-08-2018   Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:27 pm

- Added airy distill to the crafting merchant.

- Added a new RoG Loot generator to make the leveling/playing experience more fun. Mobs can now also drop weapons and armor as RoG. These RoG pieces can have a chance to roll up to seven bonuses and up to two procs depending on the level of the mob you kill. Named mobs have a higher chance at dropping the loot. (To overpowered procs may be adjusted.)

- 10x XP this weekend.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Patch 18-08-2018   Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:07 pm

You may want to take a look at the lvl 40 haste,pom, invig, mending and shard skin potion you can craft that are lvl 40 in alchemist.
When you try to craft the lvl 40 invig potion (Strong Draught of Invigoration), it says "can't find a material airy_distill2 needed for this recipe."
I've came across a few recipes like that under alchemist that says that but with other ingredients.
Not all the special ingredients they require like "ancient giant blood" are listed on the merchants also.
Maybe we can possibly get those ingredients added to mobs that will drop them in malmohus or something that has lvl 50+ mobs?


I was also wondering, is there any chance you can lower the amount of legendary orb fragments it takes to get a legendary orb for the legendary weapon? Trying to get 50 fragments when you can only get 2 per day (from both daily challenges) and 1 once every 3 days from (city of camelot) will take almost a full month which is really long.
I could see a week or two at most but 25 days?
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Server Patch 18-08-2018
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