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 Server Patch 31-03-2018

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PostSubject: Server Patch 31-03-2018   Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:25 am

- Golden nugget RP npc disabled untill i restart.

- Side note. Someone asked about acuity and if they should raise INT to get more spell damage. You raise your main stat to get more spell damage. If STR is your main stat you will raise your STR stat when getting the acuity stat and your STR will raise your spell damage. Picking INT becouse it sounds like a spell stat wont actually raise your spell damage unless its your main stat.

- The Named mobs around Midgard has had its reward and level raised. These rares require level 40+ to claim the reward.

- Removed the crate step in the challenge quests. Now you can aquire the teleport tokens without restarting the quest. This should make the quest abit more forgiving now that you can continue from where you died.
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Server Patch 31-03-2018
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