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 Main issue right now seems to be "surprise" damage...

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PostSubject: Main issue right now seems to be "surprise" damage...    Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:33 pm

I know with early server start there are naturally going to be tweaks and such to classes and features, everything has been pretty fun to explore and play so far. But I think overall at lvl 50 the main issue seems to be what I call "surprise" damage from mobs. Basically we will be in an area with all blue mobs hitting for say 10-30 damage each, fine. Then we get more yellow and orange con mobs and "surprise", they are hitting for 500-800+ damage each (Undead Hell with the Zombie and Ghoul mobs just past the first gate). Casting mobs seem to be the worst, like the drakon caster mobs in Avalon city, again, the melee entrance mobs that stun and poison seem well balanced and a decent challenge, but then if these mage mobs have a chance to cast on you it's like 800-1000 damage per nuke.

The epic bosses in Ice Hell are all fine, great challenge. Seven Deadly Sins we did yesterday and Gluttony was hitting us for no lie; 20k - 60k damage. Simply impossible :\ Lust we killed, she seemed to be a great challenge, but we only got a stupid horse mount for her drop after 20 minutes of fighting haha. Could those Seven Sin bosses have at least a guarantee 1 item drop all the time and maybe a chance for up to 3 items total? The dungeon is hard, would make it well worth it.

Cow Hell I gave up on, the mages there nuke for over 2K damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Main issue right now seems to be "surprise" damage...    Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:48 pm

Some of the surprise damage is becouse the damage spells have changed and is to high.

Other of the high damage is becouse not everything has to be easy and sometimes you got to make a tactic to do stuff.

Everyone is pretty low geared atm. So what seem tricky now might get easier when more gear is aquired.

The reason i havent fixed the undead hell mob yet is i dont want a afk farm fest of gold nuggets. Those yellow mobs make sure you cant just park you char there and solo farm forever.

Glutton is one of these boss fights where there is a tactic and tank and spank wont work. I am amazed noone has figured it out yet.

Yea Cow Hell is pretty much broken. Should just remove it from the porter.
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Main issue right now seems to be "surprise" damage...
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