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 Server Patch 26-03-2018

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PostSubject: Server Patch 26-03-2018   Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:57 am

Some changes will require a restart.

- Raised base hit points on Marauder and Void Knight.

- Raised the spec points a tiny bit on all classes except revenant.

- Lowered revenant spec points to be in line with the rest of the classes. It had alot more than it should.

- The crazy COW in the breach is fixed.

- Changed group cap to 8. Groups focused on pvp should not excede 4 players.

- Changed the max level of keeps to 5 down from 10.

- Changed the min level of keeps when captured to level 2 instead of 4.
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Server Patch 26-03-2018
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